Welcome to the world of Txikiteo


Created by Maison Bruant, Txikiteo rum is a convivial spirit that invites you to share and celebrate.
A subtle blend of the finest rums brings you into the world of Txikiteo.

Txikiteo is a great way to get away from the daily grind and maintain social contact.

Our history

The missing ship

The story of Txikiteo begins in 1745 on the HMS St. Margaret's, an English ship under the command of Admiral Glover sailing from the Caribbean to England. Her mission was to bring King George II a selection of the finest Caribbean rums. On board were some 300 bottles from the most renowned distilleries in the British Empire, all specially created for the occasion.
Leaving in the first week of June, the ship was due to reach Liverpool in early August, but it never arrived...

Discovering Edur

It was in 1747, while resting on a beach, that Edur Etxeberria discovered a beached wooden crate engraved with "HMS St Margaret's", and it was on opening it that he discovered 4 bottles. He hurried home and invited all his friends to hear the news. All seated at the table, they decided to taste them in a unique moment of sharing and communion.
As he opened the bottles, a fresh, gourmand perfume invaded the room. Edur left us this testimony: "At that moment, we all thought we'd gone mad, we'd just discovered vapors that none of us had ever smelled, it was like an invitation to share". Edur left a written record of his extraordinary experience, explaining the sensations, tastes, dresses and smells they experienced from these Rum.

A family legacy

Désiré Bruant, founder of Maison Bruant, bought the manuscript at auction in 1886. He then passed it on to his son, who did the same. The document was destroyed during WW1, but the legend of rum Txikteo has been passed down through the Bruant family to this day.
For several years, Maison Bruant has been working to recreate this pure Rum and to bring the authentic taste of Caribbean rum to the world.

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This Caribbean blend has a woody nose with hints of red fruits. On the palate, it reflects a fine mineral structure, a soft, amber Rum with flavors of caramelized nuts. Its smooth characteristics give it a long finish.


Venezuela - Dominican Republic - Jamaica

Its tangy, vanilla nose makes it both fresh and delicious. On the palate, you'll find a mineral and fruity aspect. It leaves a powerful aftertaste. A hint of bitterness underlines its character, with notes of white flowers and apricots.

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